Mercedes-Benz Multiclube


The Mercedes-Benz in Brazil is more than 50 years and is currently the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in the country.

In the 2nd half of April 2012, there was in Natal the event that brought Multiclube Mercedes Benz 180 employees and sales representatives in the areas of sales, the distributors throughout Brazil. Among the divisions of the Mercedes, were representatives of the Bank and the Mercedes-Benz Rodobens Consortium, all linked to commercial distribution of buses, minibuses and vans.

With a vast array of tourist, the time ran an Adventure Events Northeast style party at the Salon Bossa Nova Serhs Natal Grand Hotel, with great forro, the renowned ride to the Dunes Buggy Genipabu, a trip to Pipa with lunch at Beach and the imposing Cacimbinhas Pirangi Beach Party, with all the necessary infrastructure for a large party, after all, all deserved what they could offer the best of Natal.



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like it?

Hi Pedro, how are you?

Everything happened just as I wanted it! Your transfers' services were very good. All the hours were achieved mainly on the day of the buggy ride, your work and consequently your team was exceptional. I confess I was scared but everything was very well done and it happened like I wanted. I received many complements about the timing, as for the organization, lunch place and buggy drivers.

Please, transmit my thanks to all your team specially the buggy driver JEO who was exceptional on the rides with my family and thanks a lot for you who since our technical visit until the end of the Convention was very kind and professional.


Janete Khouzam

Diretora Comercial de marketing – Danone Brasil - São Paulo/SP